Friday, April 27, 2012

While Hubby is away and my first giveaway!

Well Casey had to go out of town, 2.5 day run. I really miss him while he is gone, I miss him, but I also miss that hour in the day where he just totally takes over the kids and I can get dinner started, and other things done. So, I had gotten a free room comp at Blue Chip Casino in Michigan City. My niece Sara will be 21 on Saturday and I had offered it to her. In the end, we couldn't get the room she would like, all were smoking, and I was stuck with a room and no one to use it!. So since hubby is away, Mommy is going to go play! Taking the kids, my niece and her 2 kids and we are going to go and hang out at the pool there! Should be a great time!

My next exciting news is that I am about to have my very first giveaway! Kalahari Resorts in Wisconsin has given me and many other bloggers 4 passes to their waterpark to giveaway! I will give more details when I get the tickets, but lets just say I am uber excited, thank you Kalahari Resorts!

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