Monday, December 6, 2010

I Paper Clips

& Staples

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Remembering Disney Trips Past

After talking about Walt Disney World most of the pay, it got me in the mood to look back at some of our stellar moments there. We have been there twice and then also on a Walt Disney 7 day cruise aboard the Disney Magic. We all just love Disney so a few pics...

Disney Social Media Moms Celebration Quest

I try to be productive most of the time when I am not taking care of the baby. I get the house clean, dishes done, beds made, you know the routine. Then, and only then, I will hit the computer to chat with some friends, show up on Facebook and Twitter and enter some blog time and contests.

Well, today was a little different. I was told that it was possible that this blog that I do could actually enable us to fulfill another wish of returning to Walt Disney World and in the process I could learn how to use the social media a little more to my advantage. Now everyone knows, I am a Disney nut, I love everything there is to Disney and something is seriously wrong if I am not planning a trip to see our buddy Mickey. We have not been able to go in almost 2 yrs and little man has never been, so I was hyped and ready to enter into the vortex that is the web to try to apply to attend the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration.

With quiet anticipation, I stuck the kids in front of the tv and I try to log on to the entry from.
It took me 90 minutes to finally get my application through and now I have this huge feeling of relief and hope that perhaps I will be chosen. I feel like I am in elementary school again and hoping not to be the last picked for the kickball team. So, crossing my fingers, toes, and eyes in hopes of getting the "yes! you are chosen!" email!