Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Another Day another challenge...

Well, the day started out really well, kids got up, no problems and within 90 minutes the girls were in school and Wyatt was in his high chair having breakfast. We have been working with him on trying to drink out of a sippy, because of his previous issues, he still has problems with his head/neck control and wants to keep his head more down than up. Well, with a sippy, you have to pull your head upward to drink and he just will not do that. So at his his developmental ped appointment last Friday, she suggested we go the straw route. I have look everywhere, I am unable to find a sippy small enough for him to handle. I tried one of the kids cups with the built in straw, he couldn't get enough suction on it, so I tried a glass with a straw in it and that ended up all over the place...very frustrating.
So tomorrow I will have to go to mall and try to find something he can drink out of. Always something to challenge us. But, on the bright side, he has made huge strides in his eating, starting to be able to chew a little better instead of choking on everything. He also took his first two steps Monday, of course they were him staggering backwards, but, it was steps!!

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