Friday, October 15, 2010

My best friend

My best friends in the whole world are my twin sister in laws, Lisa and Linda. We have been friends for close to 30 years, we grew up practically next door to each other and have remained best friends, even after I married their older brother. Lisa has 3 children 23, 20 and 16. Linda has 3 also, except they are 24, 18 and 4. Linda's youngest is 3 months older than my daughter Carrie.

Well, Lisa is a grandmother.She has 2 beautiful granddaughters, age 5 and 3. She became a Grandma at the age of 35....I had my first child at 36. So needless to say I have enjoyed rubbing it in her face that it will be "years" before someone who actually loves me calls me Grandma. Well, today, she showed me the other side of the coin.

Her oldest grand daughter has Grandparents day today in kindergarten. Lisa took off work and went. Well, she was the youngest Grandmother there, they thought she was Abigail's mother, and that same teacher had taught her son 10 years ago. She was very proud of the fact she was the youngest and reminded me I will probably in my early 70s before I get to see a Grandparents day. The realization kind of took me back....

So I called my other best friend, her sister Linda. Linda got quite the chuckle out of it and reminded me that the nice part of it all is that we wont have to worry about them thinking they are our children when we go!I guess there is a silver lining in there somewhere....

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