Sunday, August 8, 2010

Itchy baby and where are the drugs?

Sometimes I wonder if the good Lord is just out to see how far he can push before I just crack! But I know in His grand scheme I am not that important. This weekend was just one thing after another. Started out Friday morning. Wyatt got up at 6am, took his bottle and back to sleep, as usual. 8:30 comes around and I pick him up and he has hives and spots all over him. So I call our pediatrician, she is on vacation, would I mind seeing another in the practice? Well of course not, the baby is full of bumps, they are getting worse and he is itching them! So we are off to the Dr's. Doctor looks him over, says he looks like he is either having a reaction to a bug bite, appears to be a spider bite, or he has strep. Strep? Really? Well his throat looks a little red. Wow! Well, they can do a culture, results will not be available till tonight, after they close, but I can call the after hours line in the morning for the results. Told to give itchy baby Benadryl and Infant's Motrin and call them after 10am.
So off we go to CVS, of course, they are out of Benadryl, they are also out of the store brand. They have no Infant Motrin, but I can buy the huge bottle infant Tylenol if I want. I am so not pleased with CVS on Main Street in Mishawaka, IN and I informed the manager of this. She did not seem too concerned, smirked, and said that the "truck will be in in the morning" and walked away. I was perturbed to say the least.
So I take the itchy baby and drive 15 minutes to the CVS on McKinley in Mishawaka. Until they built the new one on Main which is 6 blocks from us, the store on McKinley was my normal store. I have always gotten what I needed there and I just love the pharmacists and workers. Jim, the pharmacist, greeted me by name and came out from behind the counter to say hello to Wyatt. As soon as he saw him he asked if I knew what medicines I needed or whether the Dr ordered some. I told him I needed Infant Motrin and Childrens Benadryl, took him 10 seconds and I had both in my cart. Jim is such a joy and so helpful, he knows me and my kids, he is always there to help, he just made it so much easier for me that day.
Well itchy baby got his medication and he was a happy camper. Called Saturday, strep test came back negative (yea!!!!) and so we went to our nephews graduation party.
Well, an hour after we get to party at sister in laws house, it was time for Wyatt's medication. I go to look in the diaper bag, but it is not there. In fact, nothing is in my diaper bag! No diapers, no wipes, no bottles nor formula and NO MEDICINE!! So we all went on the hunt. About 3 minutes later we find it all, my 4 year old daughter and 4 year old niece Mariah are in the bedroom and they are taking care of their baby dolls. I am informed by Carrie that their babies all had " the itchy red bumps from babyville" and then she asked if I could open the medication so she could give it to her baby. Thank the good Lord the meds all had child proof caps!
Other things happened, some minor, some not my place to share. But needless to say, it was more drama than I needed this weekend! Tomorrow starts a new day, more PT and OT for Wyatt, hubby is going out of a state for a long haul and itchy baby has to go back to the Dr. Life never shocks me, but dang, it sure can surprise me!

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